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iService: your vision, our project! House renovations made easy by our construction company’s team of experts.

What can iService do for you?

Bathroom and sanitary facilities

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms. We deliver top-notch bathroom renovations, with taste and style.

Painting and decorating

Your walls reflect your personality. It is why it’s very important to only let professionals take care of wall painting and decorating!

Heating, climatisation & aeration

Temperature and temperament share the same root. To really feel at home in your house, heating, climatization & aeration must be balanced.

Drywall ceilings, walls and soffits

You want your house and you want it NOW. We understand this, so we use modern and efficient technology to quickly enhance the design.

Interior / exterior isolation

Nature is amazing, but you must not feel its effects inside your home. Professional isolation keeps your shelter cool or warm, every season.

Wall & floor tiles and parquet

No house is complete without tiling services and flooring installation. You just pick your flavour, tiles or parquet, and we’ll do the rest!

Lights & Electricity

At the heart of every home, there will be light! Our electrical installation company is able to take on even the most complex of projects.

Facade work

Facade renovation can breathe new air into your sweet home! Our experts can repair any cracks and apply every plaster / decorative plasters.

Small repairs

Renovation goes hand in hand with repairs in order to create not only a beautiful home, but a stable and durable one.

Entreprise de construction Luxembourg
Rénovation Luxembourg

iService: step by step, towards perfection

When you think about modeling, it is natural to picture beauty. When we talk about home remodeling, we picture more than. We imagine perfection. Whether it’s about the smallest repairs or about complete house renovations, we can create custom solutions for you. The best part? Our iService experts are always ready to serve with haste and efficiency!

We love working with our clients and dedicate time equally so that your vision comes true.

You have one home. We have one job.
To make it feel like Heaven.

Reasons we are proud:

Clients left with a wide smile
Overall small repairs
Complete house renovations
Months of experience
Rénovation Luxembourg
Our projects

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Efficiency and Dedication

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Durability and Beauty

Ready to experience perfection?

Trust us with your vision:

We offer complete solutions for homes, offices and commercial or work spaces.

iService – from draft to reality.




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