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renovation salle de bain luxembourg
Rénover une salle de bain luxembourg

Bathroom and plumbing facilities

Our expert team offers complete bathroom renovation & design services in Luxembourg, using only quality, durable, materials.

Since your bathroom is one of the most important rooms of the house, our bathroom designs provide maximum comfort and practicality, while also creating a very modern look.

We offer complete plumbing support, either when a plumbing failure occurs, or when you just want to renew it. We can perform simple and complex works, on demand.

Are you looking for bathroom renovation Luxembourg? We offer the following services:

Painting and wall decorations

When it comes to painting and decorating, Luxembourg deserves only the best: interior/exterior professional paint and decorative stone application services. The price is calculated customly, depending on how many square meters our painters will work with in total.

Our team of experts will make your fresh vision come true. We work in conditions of maximum hygiene and with utmost seriousness. Expert painting and decorating services provide life, personality and comfort to your living space.

Our advice? Do not waste time trying to install washable wallpaper yourself! We can help you enjoy perfectly lined walls in the shortest time possible!

This is a sample of our proven work ethic:

Peinture et décorations murales Luxembourg
ventilation services luxembourg

Heating, climatisation & ventilation

We provide consultancy, design, installation and assembly services in Luxembourg for all ventilation, air conditioning and heating products that you could ever need!

From design to installation, our team of specialists takes full responsibility for the entire project, so you benefit from a fast, efficient and reliable solution that is built to truly last.

Why work with us?

iService, youWin!

Dedicated Teams

After we’ve been chosen for a project, our team will dedicate itself solely to the purpose of completing it.

Quality Services

We use only quality materials – and we always take care not to extend over your budget.

Fair Budget

Speaking of budgets, we always estimate all the costs before starting, so that you are well informed about the expenses.

Respected Deadlines

A deadline is called a deadline with a reason: it must always be respected, no matter what.

Drywall Construction Services

Whether you see us as from-the-scratch builders or refurbishment contractors, we can help you with everything. We can mount drywall, drywall ceilings and the metal structures on which they are fixed anywhere in Luxembourg.

By using partition walls made of drywall, relevant advantages can be obtained from a cost point of view. Space is also gained, as always, by working with modern and efficient technology.

Using drywall, it becomes easy to build ideal compartments in terms of functionality, comfort, thermals and soundproofing.

dryiwall construction servicies services luxembourg
renovation salle de bain luxembourg
Tableaux électriques Luxembourg

Lamps and Electricity

iService can also be your electrical contractor: we offer both design services in the field of electrical installations, and also the qualified, professional and experienced teams to install and perform maintenance on them.

We can install safety panels for apartments, houses, commercial spaces or offices, and also electric thickets pulled through PVC pipes + cans and switches that can be easily changed. We also provide painting and infrastructure modernization services after our work is done.

Electrical installations we can provide in Luxembourg:

Flooring and Tiles Installation Services

When it comes to flooring and tiling services in Luxembourg, we can work with wooden parquet, sandstone, various tiles and even marble. Our work ethic assures you that we will leave the rooms as clean as they were before.

Interior finishes such as parquet or various tiles have always been important steps of a quality, aesthetically pleasing design. Our installation specialists will pay special attention to the adhesives used and the quality of the execution, so as the final result is a room that has your personal touch.

We can provide you with the following services:

renovation salle de bain luxembourg
renovation salle de bain luxembourg

Major and minor repairs and works

iService can help you with both interior and exterior renovation services, as we have a full set of expertise, ranging from major to minor, miscellaneous repairs and works, such as the following:

Apartament cleaning

Want to refresh your home? We can always help you shake the atmosphere up a bit!


Our painters can help you with everything related to painting and finishing the walls for your house or apartment!

Removal / Installation of wall and floor tiles

We work with the utmost care, so as to to leave your room as clean as possible, just like anyone would want!

Removal / Installation of parquet

You want to breathe some new air into your home using elegant parquet? We offer you fast and efficient services in this regard!

Restoration of installations

Through our experts, we provide complete services for the restoration of electrical, plumbing and thermal installations.

Fixation de papier peint lavable

To help you enjoy fresh and perfectly lined walls in the shortest time possible is our mission!

Drywall confections

Do you want to “hide” certain imperfections throughout your home with the help of drywall garments? Say no more!

Application of paint and decorative stone

We offer professional paint and decorative stone application services for both the interior and the exterior, with custom prices.

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